JAY JOHNSON, President
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While working for his degree in Business Finance, Jay began working at the family owned At Your Service Travel Advisors in 1985.  When he graduated four years later, Jay decided to “stick around” a bit longer before he went off to conquer the world in a job of high finance. He realized planning vacations and incentive travel for business travelers was a fun and enjoyable profession.  And so began a long career in the travel industry.  In 1997, Jay purchased the company and changed the name to Hawaii Invitational .  That same year, Jay applied for and was granted membership into the elite travel organization, Virtuoso (formerly API).  Rather than focus on mass market travel packages, Jay decided the path to an enjoyable career and a healthy balance sheet, lied in the luxury travel market. 

Business has never been better and Jay has consistently ranked as one of the top producers to some of the most well known five star travel companies.  Albeit Crystal Cruises or the Four Season’s, Jay ranks as one of the top producers in the industry.

“It is obvious from Jay’s knowledge and professionalism that he is one of the top travel professionals in the country. Jay can take the most complex and precise vacation requests and turn it into a retreat of a lifetime. Plus he will keep you laughing throughout the entire process!”

CARLA CRITTENDEN , Group and Festival Coordinator
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Carla began at At Your Service Travel Advisors in 1979, right out of college as the agency assistant bookkeeper.  From these humble beginnings, Carla has emerged as the Director of Festivals for Hawaii Invitational , Inc.  Carla entirely manages the annual Hawaii Invitational in Waikiki, which recently celebrated its 26th anniversary this past April.  In 1997, the Hawaii Invitational was a struggling venture that that consisted of one local high school band going to Hawaii to “compete” with other bands.  Well, it’s pretty hard to compete when you’re the only band in town.  Carla took over the reins of the Hawaii Invitational, using her incredible accounting mind, and has transformed this once dormant festival into the most exclusive, and by far the largest high school music festival in Hawaii.  This year alone, she attracted over 15 high school bands, color guard, and drill teams to the Aloha State.  Gross sales for this event well exceed $1,000,000.00 annually and has garnered the attention of major media outlets throughout the world.

It’s always a compliment when your competition begins trying to copy your success.  Over the past few years, dozens of travel companies have tried to duplicate Carla’s Hawaii Invitational model with little or no success.  While the competition flounders, the Hawaii Invitational grows.  This is a tribute to Carla and her staff of judges and assistants.


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